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Acerca de Rizwana A. Mundewadi

¡¡¡Bienvenidos por La Simbolista y su Mundo de Símbolos!!!

¡Artista futurista visionario creativo!

Sra. Rizwana A.Mundewadi, Maestra de Reiki Artista Sanadora de la India. Dedicado desde el año 2000 a difundir esperanza, salud, riqueza, amor y prosperidad en el mundo con mis pinturas curativas con símbolos de Reiki.  

  Artista autodidacta de la India, ¡obsesionado con los símbolos! haciendo resúmenes de caligrafía! Símbolo de Reiki Símbolo chino, marcas de sigilo, símbolos antiguos, resúmenes de cubismo espiritual, pinturas curativas de Feng shuii desde el año 2000, ¡cada una de mis pinturas es única, hecha con amor! ¡mi búsqueda interna de autoexpresión e identidad terminó con pinceles y pinturas! Viniendo de un linaje de curanderos sufíes desde muchas generaciones, esto tuvo que salir de mí en algún momento. ¡Tengo más amigos de plantas y pájaros que humanos! Chosen Solitude es realmente necesario para sacar la magia!

Siempre digo, el Universo lo tiene todo en abundancia, solo hay que  toca esto correctamente!

No te prometo que pueda solucionar todos tus problemas con mi arte de curar, no digo que la vida sea un cuento de hadas... pero puedo prometerte que la vida nunca volverá a ser la misma. ¡¡¡Hay Magia en el arte de curar!!!

  ¡El poder ilimitado de la vida que cambia el arte de la curación!

¡Todo lo mejor de Rizwana/Your's The Red Pilgrim!

Dedicados desde el año 2000 a difundir la energía Reiki con el mundo, ¡Rediseñando vidas con arte!

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We have been out of debt completely with the Distance free Reiki session, law cases  filed against us also have been resolved,  and both got well paying respectable jobs 

. Thank you for making customized Reiki artworks for our home and office!

Ms. J. R from Dubai

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Thank you so much for delivering the bulk gift paintings order in such short notice,  on time and on the destination. We loved the neat packaging and lovely light weight frames. Thanks for the concessions in rates. The artworks are amazing and we could feel the joy in everyone who received these art gifts!

Mr. Z.A Mumbai, India

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So happy to have found you! It was like a miracle that I found your page on Instagram after watching your free Reiki YouTube videos.

I am so happy and excited to receive the paintings for Business luck and finding my soul mate. Thank you!

Mr. S.K Bangalore India

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So happy to display the painting in my office. I am Thankful for your long emails and discussions about energy and Reiki ,symbols. Being a Senior Reiki master myself it feels so good to connect with your art.

Mr. S. J from India

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Thank you for the years of bonding emails and support, I am so happy to order tiny healing artworks with specific intentions of Protection, finding true love,  and Wealth luck.

My son also loves the healing paintings.

Ms. L.A - Los Angeles UK

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It was such a pleasure to meet you personally and see your beautiful artworks. Touching them brought so much soothing energy and happiness. Thank you for taking time out of your fasting month schedule for me to pick up my art personally.

The price concessions really mattered as I have just begun to search for life purpose job.

Ms. B.N Thane Mumbai India

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The Galloping Two Horse painting is lovely,  and Ba Gua complete luck art. The tiny evil ye cure painting is so energy packed. I have displayed them in my Living room as per your advice about right directions. 

I had not thought I would buy a combination of paintings but the price rebate you offered on my choices was affordable. 

Thank you Rizwana!

Ms. S.B Mumbai India

art in buyers home 13.jpg

Rizwana I loved your art the first time and ordering again this year,  the evil eye painting I have hung this in main room facing entrance and the floral roses painting is displayed near our dining table. This was a repeat order so I am Thankful that we have displayed your paintings in home and office sections and enjoying universe blessings.

Ms. J. R- Dubai

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As you can see from my orders  that I love your art! Thank you for the 4 paintings.

I love the Chinese symbols in your art. 

A.R- Singapore

art in buyers home 16.jpg

Your Vase painting looks so lovely on my wall, I have followed your suggestions in displaying the paintings, The Feng shui life luck evil eye painting is so joyful with colours, Thank you very much Rizwana! 

Ms S.B - Mumbai

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Your paintings have brought so much joy in our life with family blessings and wealth coming from unknown sources. Thank you for the Reiki bird and abstract artworks as they form a major part of our living room display since past fifteen years.

Mr. M.R Mumbai India

tiny art hanging in buyers home.JPG

Tiny Reiki paintings are so beautiful with soothing pink energy, Harth and Halu has brought peace harmony and focus on my life purpose ,Thank you Rizwana for these beautiful paintings, I have displayed them near my bedside.

Ms. N.B Mumbai Thane

ann art buyers Uk shipment received.jpg

The flower Cho Ku Rei painting and speech clarity artworks are beautiful I have displayed them in my home office section, Thank you Rizwana for the guidance in placement of other artworks also in my office. Hoping to add more of your paintings soon!

Ms Ann, United Kingdom

paintings in buyers home 2.jpg

Rizwanaji I am so happy to connect with your free Reiki videos n youtube and a follower on instagram.

I feel life will sort out with finance love and business luck ,The paintings I ordered are beautiful and I have hung them as per your placement suggestions in my hall room. The personal advice you gave about dress colours, days, lucky numbers is of genuine help, Thank you!

Mr. K. Sh. India 

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Thank you so much the black abstract is lovely, large, I am glad I chose the eye symbol because I love this from childhood and the black metallic painting goes with my tastes' and urban decor.

I have loved so many paintings, and short listed them,  maybe later on will surely add more of your beautiful artworks.

Thank you Rizwana! I connect with the Chinese symbols because living in Singapore since any years and my clients too are from here. Hanging this art in  Professional space. 

Ms. M.M Singapore

Sold paintings The Red Pilgrim

I have been gifted this beautiful painting, it is so vibrant geometric for goodluck, I am so happy to receive this gift and Reiki blessings at my marriage, Taking this to Pittsburg, for future life happiness. 

Ms. K.S Pittsburg